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Terrapin Ticketing is a ticketing marketplace that allows artists and venues to sell tickets directly to fans with no counterfeits and no scalping.

2017 Winner

Event ticketing is broken.

Every time tickets are released for a high demand event, we read about fans getting locked out from buying and how software and other bots have already posted them on secondary markets at ridiculously inflated prices.

That is why we are building Terrapin Ticketing, a new ticketing marketplace designed to stop scalpers from making money off real fans. The tickets issued on Terrapin are "smart-tickets" which means they are unique digital assets that have their owner and transaction history information embedded into them.

Every time a ticket is transferred to a new owner, it records the purchase price and generates a new barcode to grant access to the show. If a ticket is bought for more money than the original owner paid for it, the difference is automatically sent to the event creator, preventing scalpers and counterfeiters from making money off fans trying to see their favorite artists.

Terrapin is a ticketing marketplace that provides "smart tickets" that can be transfered securely online.

  • Instant Transfers

    Tickets can be sent to friends or put back on the market with one click.

  • No Scalping

    Tickets can be bought for over face value but the difference is sent directly to the artist, not scalpers.

  • Guaranteed Authenticity

    Tickets are tied to fans' accounts, so they are guaranteed to get them in the door.

  • Low Fees

    Service fees are lame. We tack on a nominal fee per ticket and nothing for free events.
  • Better Data

    The full transaction history of each ticket is tracked and can be analyzed after the event.
  • Payment Options

    In addition to traditional credit cards, fans can pay for tickets with Ether (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies.

A fully integrated ticketing system that benefits fans and artists, not scalpers.

Terrapin Ticketing is a group of technologists, entrepreneurs, and live music fans that are on a mission to improve the experience that happens before getting into the events we love. We make ticketing fast, safe, and easy so fans can focus on enjoying the show.
Terrapin Ticketing
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